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Sell Baked Goods: How to price them

Using baked goods to "fill-in" space at craft shows, we want to have some baked goods, but have no idea as far as pricing! We will have a couple of cakes (at least one selling by the slice), cookies, brownies, etc. They will all be made from scratch, no mixes! Any help will be appreciated.

Selling baked goods is generally comparable to selling any other item, with one important difference - if you are making these items yourself, then you will have a considerable array of costs wrapped up in the final product - costs that quite often go overlooked.

A basic example of some baked goods costs will include ingredients, energy (oven, mixer, etc), labor (your time in making the item), consumables (plastic wrap, parchment paper, aluminum foil, etc), packaging (plastic bags, cardboard containers, etc), display accessories (paper plates, plastic forks, tablecloth, etc), transportation (what it cost to obtain everything and get it to where it needs to be) and last but not least - the selling space rental fee.

Granted, this can be overwhelming to consider all at once, but break it down into smaller pieces and it becomes much easier. Remember that math does not discriminate, so regardless of whether one would rather avoid crunching the numbers, math remains, and will continue to either put you ahead, or set you back, with every piece you sell (or don't sell). In the end, it's up to us to decide whether math shall be working for, or against, our cause.

One tool that helps get math back on your side (i.e., the profitable side) is a recipe cost calculator. Recipe cost calculators are designed to easily handle the complex math and measurement conversions you run into when trying to assess the cost of a recipe.